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Challenges facing the next generation of healthcare leaders: the current medical students and residents.

In this session, a panel of senior physicians will share lessons learned from past experiences with medical students and residents, who face challenges in coping with the changing learning and practice environment. Key lessons we expect to gain is how to best enhance educational and training opportunities for our learners in order to maximize their preparation for future careers

Influence of Law and Policy on Access to Resources, Case history.

The Fed's termination of funding the, and the creation of a centralized portal for all Clinical Practice Guidelines; are these problems or are they learning opportunities?  Medical students and CT surgery residents will present their take on these issues and propose an action plan intended to create new and unprecedented learning opportunities.

Advances of telecom and media technology and their influence on the future of health education and healthcare delivery. 

The role of the newest internet generation; G5, and the projected role for instantaneous data exchange that could transform how robotic surgery could be practiced over long distances. In this session, AT&T Vice President and a Georgia Tech Engineering Professor will address these technological advances.  

The Global Classroom - The Harvard Medical School HMX Program

In this session, the Associate Dean for Online Learning at Harvard Medical School will share Harvard's experience in bringing unique online courses to a global audience. Faculty from leading academic institutions will participate and offer their views on online learning.